The teaching profession has risen to the challenge set out in TSF. The evaluation found evidence of real progress in many areas of teacher education and, above all, there has been a significant shift in the culture of professional learning.

Evaluation of the Impact of Teaching Scotland’s Future, Edinburgh: Scottish Government, 2016

North Lanarkshire Council prides itself in delivering a highly effective Induction Programme that meets the national requirements of the Teacher Induction Scheme and provides sustainable, high quality and highly effective professional learning opportunities for our new teachers. Now concluding its third year, the revised NLC programme continues to mirror the key findings of the Scottish Government report.

A core element of the programme is the Collaborative Practitioner Enquiry. This delivers methodologies and approaches to professional learning to support our new teachers in developing their practice from a career-long perspective. It focuses them on considering how to use their professional learning to improve pupil learning. It also allows them to understand the concepts of leadership, particularly pedagogical leadership, and to experience leadership roles, not only through leading learning for and with their pupils, but also their colleagues.

The work produced is presented here. It represents a very high standard and a positive outlook for teacher professional learning. I fully endorse the revised programme. It illustrates our success in supporting new teachers in understanding and developing pedagogy and practice; it supports them in being skilled and equipped to deliver excellence to ensure the best service and outcomes for all pupils. The sharing of practice, through the online publication of the collaborative practitioner enquiries, will illustrate the success of the revised NLC Induction Programme and the validity and strength of practitioner enquiry as a model of teacher professional learning.