The teaching profession has risen to the challenge set out in TSF. The evaluation found evidence of real progress in many areas of teacher education and, above all, there has been a significant shift in the culture of professional learning.

Evaluation of the Impact of Teaching Scotland’s Future, Edinburgh: Scottish Government, 2016

All young people in North Lanarkshire can achieve their full potential. We can give them the tools to make their way in life through quality, exciting and challenging learning. That means improving attainment while closing the poverty-related attainment gap.

We make sure our schools are inclusive, vibrant places which take into account the needs of all our children and young people. At school, our children and young people will have experiences that last a lifetime, learn skills and gain knowledge that will set them on their future path while helping them find their own voice.

Key to achieving that is you. You are joining a team where our teachers work tirelessly to provide learning environments that are energetic and diverse, that are buzzing with activity and ideas for our pupils to soak up your vital knowledge and experience.

Our schools are very special places to work, with engaged ambitious people who come up with fresh thinking, new ways of working and ultimately, are ambassadors for the services they provide. It all starts with you. Here, through our induction programme.

Our programme meets national requirements and provides quality and effective professional learning opportunities for new teachers.

A core element is providing you with professional, career-long learning support. The vibrant, productive classroom that I mentioned before only comes from how you develop through professional learning and leadership. The programme supports new teachers in understanding and developing education and practice. It supports your development, strengthening your skills so you are equipped to deliver a quality learning experience for all pupils.

Through professional learning, a teacher can change the outcome of a young person’s life. You can be that difference, never forget that. Welcome to the team.

Des Murray

Chief Executive