Group Leaders

The group leaders for this cohort were as follows:

Group 1

  • Katherine Adam, Petersburn Primary
  • Jacqueline Donnachie, Dalziel High
  • Kelly Anderson, Knowtop Primary
  • Emma Kirk, Tollbrae Primary
  • Lindsay-May McLean, Numeracy Development Officer, North Lanarkshire Council
  • Robbie Kirk, Chryston High School
  • Nichola Polatajko, New Monkland Primary
  • Stephanie Gaffney, St. Teresa’s Primary
  • Natalie Connor, St. Bartholomew’s Primary


Group 2

  • Brian Johnston, Caldervale High School
  • Colin Dorman, St. Mary’s Primary Coatbridge
  • Stephen Whiteside, Greenhill Primary
  • Alison Bone, Morningside Primary
  • Theresa Elder, St. Augustine’s Primary
  • Stephanie Love, Our Lady of Good Aid Cathedral
  • Stephen McConnell, St. Margaret’s High
  • Marie Carlin, St. Bartholomew’s Primary
  • Margaret-Anne Keatings, Numeracy Development Officer, North Lanarkshire Council
  • Tyson Dunz, Clarkston Primary & Chapelhall Primary
  • Ainsley Stewart, Berryhill Primary


Group 3

  • Stephen Hendry, Teacher of Mathematics, Caldervale High School
  • Scott Singer, Teacher of Biology, St. Maurice’s High School
  • Gillian Brown, Acting Principal Teacher, Petersburn Primary
  • Siobhan Alston, Principal Teacher, Westfield Primary
  • Jillian Maxwell, Teacher of Business Education, St. Ambrose High School
  • Nicole Andrew, Teacher of Art & Design, Kilsyth High School
  • Jacquie Pearce, Principal Teacher, Kilsyth Primary
  • Louise Whomes, Class Teacher, St. Patrick’s Primary


Group 4

  • Anne-Marie Higgins, Depute Head Teacher, Coltness High School
  • David Alexander, Acting Principal Teacher Nurture, Bellshill Academy
  • Patti Owens, Principal Teacher of Pupil Support, Dalziel High School
  • Ruth Yates, Principal Teacher, Netherton Primary
  • Lyndsay-May McLean, Numeracy Development Officer, North Lanarkshire Council
  • Claire Hughes, Teacher of Physical Education, St. Margaret’s High School
  • Elizabeth McGovern, Acting Principal Teacher, Petersburn Primary, LSLC & Nursery School
  • Laura Mackie, Teacher of History, Coltness High School
  • Margaret Anne Keatings, Numeracy Development Officer, North Lanarkshire Council
  • Julie Johnston, Teacher of Mathematics, Calderhead High School