Group Leaders

The group leaders for this cohort were as follows:

Group 1

  • Carol Main, Carbrain Primary
  • Lynn McMahon, St Andrew’s High
  • Kathleen Celino, St Michael’s Primary
  • Marie Carlin, St Bartholowmew’s Primary
  • Nicola Allan, St Aloysius’ Primary
  • Lynn Welsh, Coltness High
  • Lynn Kyle, St Margaret of Scotland Primary
  • Joanne Fraser, Noble Primary


Group 2

  • Brian Johnston, Caldervale High
  • Elizabeth McGovern, St. Ignatius’ Primary
  • Stephen Whiteside, Greenhill Primary
  • Michelle Gault, New Stevenston Primary
  • Robbie Kirk, Chryston High
  • Siobhan Alston, Westfield Primary
  • Colin Dorman, CIS
  • Kelly Anderson, Knowetop Primary
  • Laura McCabe, Glengowan Primary


Group 3

  • Tracey McGoldrick, Probationer & Student Support Officer, NLC
  • John Paterson, Balmalloch Primary
  • Louise Whomes, St Patrick’s Primary Coatbridge
  • Miss Gillian Brown, Petersburn Primary
  • Jillian Maxwell, St Ambrose High School
  • Anne-Marie Higgins, Coltness High School
  • Jacqueline Donnachie, Dalziel High School
  • Frances Young, ELCaT Teacher, NLC
  • Jasmine Chand, Muirhouse Primary


Group 4

  • Tracey McGoldrick, Probationer & Student Support Officer, NLC
  • Niall Reynolds, St Brigid’s Primary
  • Anne-Marie Kelly, St Helen’s Primary and Nursery
  • Anne-Marie Higgins, Coltness High School
  • Julie Johnston, Calderhead High School
  • Danielle Phee, Chryston High School
  • Diane McLaughlin, Pedagogy Support Team, NLC
  • Stephanie Gaffney, St. Teresa‚Äôs Primary
  • Claire Blair, St. Mary of Scotland Primary