This work would not have been possible without the support of Des Murray, Chief Executive; Derek Brown, Executive Director and Janie O’Neill, Senior Manager. Their commitment to giving our probationer teachers the best possible support and training in their first year of teaching in our schools helps ensures that the NLC Probationer Programme is of the highest standard.

We also wish to acknowledge the support of Dr. Mike Carroll, University of Glasgow. NLC’s partnership with the university has supported us in continuing to advance developments in the early phase towards unifying provision. Dr. Carroll’s continued support and input to our probationer programme over the last 5 years has contributed to the development of the practitioner enquiry element of the NLC Induction Programme and supports those who wish to complete masters’ level credits or work towards a masters’ degree.

Central to the programme is the work done by our numerous dedicated and experienced staff in schools across the authority. Our thanks go to all of our head teachers and their staff, in particular the probationer mentors, who work very closely with their probationers throughout the induction year implementing a carefully structured programme of support, professional learning and monitoring and tracking of progress to support our probationers in self-evaluation against the General Teaching Council for Scotland’s Standard for Full Registration.

Particular thanks also go to those teachers who give specific support with the practitioner enquiries, through taking on the role of Group Leader, all of whom are acknowledged below and to their head teachers for releasing them to attend training and core sessions linked to this role. They give a great deal of their own time to work with our probationers within their groups and on an individual basis, providing guidance and structured feedback to each probationer throughout the course of the enquiries.

This network of support cannot be overestimated.

Publishing and Editorial

The work of John Cameron and Anton Smith (Multi-media Specialists, The Learning Centre) has become an integral part of the programme and is invaluable in publishing and promoting the high standard achieved by our probationers.

Andrea Cardow & Tracey McGoldrick

Probationer Support Officers, North Lanarkshire Council

June 2019