The aim of this enquiry was to explore what happens when the Success Criteria is made more visible to learners within lessons by incorporating regular check-ins. We chose this area to explore as we felt that as a group, we could make better use of Success Criteria during our lessons. The check in slips were used in one lesson per week over a four-week period. Check in thumbs were used and the children were required to self – assess against the set Success Criteria for that lesson.

The results overall, did show some improvement in self – assessment. Overall, more pupils felt that they had achieved parts of the Success Criteria which was indicated using, ‘thumbs up’, when comparing the results of the check – ins. Although the results were positive there are some limitations of the study that need to be highlighted. Pupils may have felt that they had achieved some of the Success Criteria, however upon checking pupil work, teachers highlighted that the Success Criteria had in fact not been met. The methodology used by the group could have been more consistent. Some pupils had 2 check – ins to complete whilst others had 3, this ultimately could have impacted the findings of this enquiry. Upon further reflection, the group feel that it may have been useful to have compared pupils’ self – assessment results with teacher assessment, to fully assess pupil attainment over the four-week period.