Abbie Milligan

Modern Studies

St Andrew's High

  • Digital Learning: Methodologies

Can Microsoft Forms be used as a tool for feedback?


Feedback and its effectiveness in increasing motivation and attainment is one of contestation. Scholars argue various forms of feedback are crucial to a pupil’s achievement and understanding of content. Key areas in feedback include students understanding the feedback to adopt appropriate actions to improve (Ryan et al., 2019), ensuring feedback is motivational (Wiliam and Christodoulou, 2017) and linking feedback, motivation and engagement to increase attainment (Crehan and Rose, 2017) in an online content. Feedback is evidently linked to motivation and knowledge consolidation however, combining these concepts with online learning has led to exploring aspects of autonomous learning and self-regulated learning to generate internal feedback (Chou and Zou, 2020) thus, leading to increased pupil voice, confidence, and motivation. This enquiry will focus on using Microsoft forms as a tool for feedback. This will focus primarily on students giving feedback about their experience of online learning and teacher given feedback based on content knowledge. Moreover, exploring the impact of feedback on engagement and autonomous learning with intent to improve SRL proficiency seen in Butler and Winnie’s work (1995). This enquiry focuses on aspects of online learning and aims to explore the uptake in more flexible teaching practices and up taking new modes of data of student’s learning activities and strategies (Lim et., al 2020). This enquiry underpins many crucial aspects of the school’s improvement plan of closing the attainment gap and promoting pupil voice.


The aim of this practitioner enquiry was to explore using Microsoft forms as a tool for feedback in an online learning setting due to the school closures. This involved creating weekly Microsoft forms each week based on well-being, course content and pupil voice in feedback students prefer. This enquiry focussed on various forms of feedback to incorporate assessment, improve motivation and understanding of course content whilst utilising online applications for home learning.

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