Adele Gilchrist

Primary Teacher

St. Patrick's Primary Coatbridge

  • Transitions

What happens when I introduce music as a technique to facilitate transitions?


“Even in an otherwise well-functioning classroom, transitions may pose a challenge to teachers and students alike, as student misbehaviour is more likely to occur, and educational time can be wasted” (McIntosh et al, 2004). As a reflective practitioner, this was an issue relevant to my classroom, and that I wanted to combat, as I understand the importance of children feeling settled and ready to learn. This was also a view shared by all members of the group.

As a group, we decided to focus on the introduction of music as a technique to facilitate transitions. This seemed an appropriate technique as research supports the substantial increase of on- task performance of pupils while listening to music (Davidson and Powell, 2015). Similarly, background music has also been recognised as calming for some pupil (Hallam, Price & Katsarou, 2010).


The aims of this enquiry are:

  • To determine the impact that music has on transitions between playground to classroom.
  • To determine if the type of music has an impact on children’s readiness to learn.
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