Adele Scott

Primary Teacher

Glenboig Primary School

  • Transitions

What happens when music is introduced as a method of transition?


The transition from lunchtime into the next lesson can be particularly unsettling for a class, with lots of time lost readying children back into learning. Banerjee and Horn (2013) highlight that routine is crucial to this, and state that music and songs can be one way of readying children during transitional periods.

The effects of music on concentration and learning have been documented by a number of academics. For example, Hallam, Price and Katsarou (2002) found that children’s performance on memory and arithmetic tasks increased when calming music was played in the background.

As well as this, the effects of music may also benefit children with additional support needs. Savan (2009) indicates that pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties may benefit from music to aid transition, as pupils become better coordinated for short periods of time and their behaviour improves.


The aim of this enquiry is to determine the impact that music has on the transition between lunchtime and a new lesson.

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