Aidan Flynn


St Ambrose High

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Does Microsoft Forms help to formatively assess pupils understanding?


Formative assessment is a method in which information is gathered to provide feedback on the activities undertook, allowing the teaching methods and learning activities to be altered and reviewed (Black and Wiliam, 1998). In doing so, continually assessing and modifying planned lessons and activities, it would suggest that pupils’ progression should be enhanced. This is due to the continuous feedback which will detail any queries or concerns relating to the lesson or learning content. Taras (2005) indicates that feedback must be included within an assessment for it to be formative. The use of assessment within an online environment plays an imperative role in the teaching and learning process (Baleni, 2015). Through the use of electronic assessments, such as Microsoft Forms, pupils learning, and understanding can continually be assessed within a remote learning environment. At the same time, enabling learners to provide feedback on how practitioners can enhance their online learning experience, continuing the raising of attainment (Black and Wiliam, 2010).


The aim of this enquiry is to assess how useful Microsoft Form questionnaires help to formatively assess pupils understanding of curricular areas covered throughout online learning. At the same time allowing pupils to input feedback on the remote learning experience, observing the impact of this in relation to attainment.

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