Aidan O’Halloran

Physical Education

Airdrie Academy

  • Assessment For Learning

How Effective is Real Time Feedback?


Equity can be achieved by ensuring every child has the same opportunity to succeed. The Scottish Attainment Challenge was launched in 2015 with the aim of bringing a greater sense of urgency and priority to closing the poverty related attainment gap, effective, efficient teaching practices such as the use of real time feedback is essential in delivering this equity in the classroom (Education Scotland, online). North Lanarkshire Council as one of the nine most deprived councils in Scotland have had a huge focus in tackling the inequalities through numerous inter-agency interventions such as read, write inc. With teachers always being pegged as the most important resource in the room it is also important for North Lanarkshire Council to upskill teachers and challenge them to develop innovating pedagogies which are proven to work. Dylan William has spoken of the importance of assessment for learning and feedback, how specifically feedback can and should move learners forward (William, 2009).

From these learned principles I have chosen to investigate real time feedback as an effective teaching practice that can contribute to North Lanarkshire’s challenge on attainment. Black and William (2009) have explored how good feedback empowers young people in their learning and increases the efficiency of other teaching pedagogies. Two of the 12 interventions recommended from the Scottish Attainment Challenge (Education Scotland, online) is the commitment to educational research within the classroom and promoting a high quality learning experience. It has been through this experience the impact of consciously targeting these recommendations has been clear to see. Its importance has been echoed by Kirkton, Hallam, Peffers, Robertson & Stobbart in 2007. It is from these key readings that the rationale for this enquiry has been ratified.


The aims of this enquiry were to reveal the impact of positive real time feedback on the success of young people in their learning. The inquiry is placed within the context of an S2 Physical Education class where young people are challenged to improve their health and wellbeing across a range of activities. Real time feedback has been used to help young people acquire new skills within Physical Education, the enquiry aims to reveal how being positive in the use of real time feedback can exacerbate and enhance successful learning. Within this class a coach like approach was adopted in teaching and feedback, aiming to focus on skill acquisition and developing learning experiences that promote the use of feedback in these contexts.

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