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  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

Using online exit passes to raise attainment through self-assessment


Assessment is an integral part of the teaching and learning process, both in a classroom setting and in online distance learning (Ogange B.O. 2018). The study showed that students who engaged with the formative assessment online scored higher in their summative assessment compared to those who did not engage online. I chose to keep the exit passes the same after each lesson as Wang (2010) found that those who engaged in reflection and revision consistently had any misconceptions corrected quickly and gained prompt feedback. Using formative assessment to close the attainment gap was discussed by Black and Wiliam (1998) and broken down into two sections. The first section acknowledges the gap between their current progress in learning and the desired goal. Information is required about the ‘gap’ to determine what the next point of action would be. Information can be pupil self-assessing their own knowledge or skill, or it can be teacher led through observation. The second stage was discussed as being the action taken in order to close the gap to attain the desired goal. This provided a starting point to my enquiry where I could use self-assessment for pupils to reflect on the success criteria of a lesson during remote learning and obtain feedback.

Alonzo (2018) emphasised the importance of involving both pupils and teachers in the process of formative assessment. For formative assessment to be effective, pupils must take on board the feedback provided by teachers and act on it. Engaging in self-assessment allows pupils to play an active role in the feedback they receive and also in acknowledging their next steps in learning. Similarly, teachers can use the evidence gathered during a lesson that may alter the formative assessment technique used. I added to my initial and final questionnaires to determine how pupils felt about the use of exit passes and their impact on teaching and learning.


The aim of this professional enquiry was to determine if online exit passes had a positive effect on pupil attainment. The exit passes focussed on self-reflection and pupil feedback providing next steps in learning and included a summary to check for misconceptions.

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