Alana Docherty


Greenfaulds High

  • Cooperative Learning

What Happens When Group Roles are Assigned Within the Class?


The introduction of group roles to a cooperative learning group is something that has been vastly researched with varying information. It is said that cooperative learning has many benefits, however one common mistake is assigning pupils to groups with no clear role to fulfil (Coggeshall, 2010). Positive Interdependence is one of the five fundamental principles that allow cooperative learning to be effective, which means that all group members should be clear on their task within the group. It is well known that when working in a cooperative group, for the group to succeed, each individual must succeed (Hosain & Tarmizi, 2012) which again highlights the importance of each member of the group having a specific role to execute.


  • To evaluate what happens when group roles and introduced to cooperative learning groups.
  • To evaluate whether there is an increase in participation and group success when group roles are introduced.
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