Alana Lochrie

Primary Teacher

Glencairn Primary

  • Health & Wellbeing

What Happens When Guided Meditation is Used in the Classroom After Break Times?


Within the school education system, Health and Wellbeing is a core part of the Curriculum for Excellence and is the responsibility of all staff within the school environment. It is expected that children and young people are included, engaged and involved within their own learning as this is essential in enabling the child to achieve and raise their attainment at school. (Healthier Scotland: The Scottish Government, 2017). There are many barriers that prevent a child from achieving. Cremin and Arthur (2014) explain that barriers to learning can occur from social, emotional, learning difficulties and the socio-economic state of the child’s family. This can affect children’s wellbeing within and out with school. Furthermore, Healthier Scotland (2017), state that poverty is the single biggest driver in poor mental health. As a probationer teacher within a school where the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) decile is 4, (Scottish Government, 2016) it is vital that I plan appropriately to support the needs of individual children. This also enables a prime opportunity to research further into the impact that this has on the learning environment. In order to do this it was decided to look at the underlying factors relating to mental health within the education system. Through tackling mental health and the health and well-being within our children, it is thought that this will contribute to the improvements in literacy and numeracy. (Smarter Scotland: The Scottish Government, 2018). Nurture and health and wellbeing is a focus point of the school improvement plan, and so it is anticipated that this enquiry will encourage children to use relaxation strategies to support mental health and wellbeing. It is hoped that this will result in a positive impact on children’s learning across the curriculum, thus contributing towards closing the attainment gap.


This practitioner enquiry aims to investigate the impact of guided meditation on focus within the classroom. Within the subject class, there are varying dynamics within the class, such as children who struggle to settle and focus, that have a negative impact on the learning of the children. I anticipate that the use of guided meditation will have a positive impact on focus within the classroom.

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