Alexander Littley


Braidhurst High

  • Assessment For Learning

How Does Traffic Lighting Influence Pupil Learning?


Research has shown that Formative Assessment techniques and Self-Assessment techniques can both contribute towards enhanced pupil learning, particularly for lower achieving pupils (Black & Wiliam, 1998) (Sadler and Good 2006). One assessment technique that can be used is that of ‘traffic lighting’ (Salles, 2016).

I have chosen Traffic Lighting as the focus for this enquiry because it is a simple, flexible and powerful tool that can be used across all age ranges in the classroom. It can be used for self- assessment, for peer-assessment, for formative assessment and as part of feedback. Currently my school is focusing on AiFL as part of the SIP and therefore I will be applying this technique in an AiFL context with a focus towards pupil learning.


The aim of this enquiry is to see the influence that short term Traffic Lighting has on pupil learning when used:

  • As part of pupil homework
  • As part of lesson plenary activity
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