Alexia Pennock


Braidhurst High

  • Assessment For Learning

The Use of Exit Passes in the Classroom


This Practitioner Enquiry takes inspiration from Inside the Black Box (Black & Wiliam, 1998), which evaluates the importance of highlighting the next steps of learning that are likely to enhance learning and achievement through effective feedback from AifL techniques used in the classroom. As this is a wide subject area, the implementation of Exit Passes as a classroom tool to gauge pupils’ understanding and next steps is the primary focus, where the effectiveness of learning and teaching approaches are reflected upon in order to set aims and targets for future lessons. This Enquiry was chosen to help the practitioner assess learners’ progress in the classroom and, in moving forward, to tailor lessons based on feedback given from pupils themselves.


The aim of the Enquiry was to evaluate whether Exit Passes are an effective tool in both informing teachers of learners’ progress and in encouraging young people to be active in self-assessment. The practitioner wanted to develop pupils’ abilities to reflect on their individual progress, and highlight areas of strength and development – be it curricular or behavioural – through Exit Passes to ensure future lessons are planned around learners’ specific needs thus accessible for all members of the classroom.

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