Alice Brown

Primary Teacher

Tannochside Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When Peer-assessment Grids are Introduced in the Classroom?


The use of formative assessment approaches in learning and teaching has been re-discovered in recent years and thus, has become embedded into an integral part in the curricular development within Scottish Education. The Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) is necessarily interlinked with the principles of Assessment is For Learning (AiFL) underpinning holistic outcomes of 21st century Scottish education. CfE acknowledges this, stating that it is a pupil’s level of engagement in learning and the support provided to them from peers, teachers and others that makes for a successful curriculum. The effective use of assessment by staff and learners is also highlighted as a ‘quality indicator’ within the How Good is Our School 4 (HGIOS 4) document, (Education Scotland, 2015). The HGIOS 4 document recognises the importance of assessment within our planning of learning and teaching and notes that a variety of assessment approaches should be used to allow learners to demonstrate their “knowledge and understanding, skills, attributes and capabilities in different contexts across the curriculum”, (Education Scotland, 2015: 36).


The aim of this project was to evaluate the success of peer-assessment and the use of peer-assessment grids as a formative assessment tool and their impact of learning and teaching and health and wellbeing in the primary classroom.

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