Alison Logue

Primary Teacher

Petersburn Primary

  • Bloom's Taxonomy

What Happens When Bloom’s Taxonomy is Used in the Classroom?


As a teacher it is important to prepare children with the necessary skills needed in order to be successful. Since the introduction of Curriculum for Excellence, there has been an emphasis on developing critical thinking skills within children in order to give them skills for life (Education Scotland, 2010). It is thought that higher order thinking skills is fundamental to preparing children for the modern workforce where higher order thinking is essential. (The Scottish Government, 2014). Building the Curriculum emphasises the benefit higher order thinking skills can have within literacy. Bloom’s Taxonomy is used in many classrooms in order to develop higher order thinking. It is thought that Bloom’s Taxonomy can develop higher order thinking as it provides teachers with a framework in order to focus on higher order thinking (Anom. 2013). Bloom’s Taxonomy is spilt into 6 levels moving from lower order thinking skills (LOTS), medium order thinking skills (MOTS) and higher order thinking skills (HOTS). It is thought using Bloom’s Taxonomy questioning can help to develop higher order thinking skills within children.


The aim of this enquiry was to develop higher order thinking skills within reading by introducing different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy questions and measure the impact this had to children’s thinking skills.

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