Alison McNellis

Primary Teacher

Ravenswood Primary School

  • Assessment For Learning

What is the impact on teaching and learning when children use an exit pass?


Formative assessment is using information, provided by pupils, to adapt your teaching and confirm learning is taking place in the classroom. Assessment for learning has been a prominent component for Curriculum for excellence since its launch. CFE’s principles for curriculum design assist teachers’ in their practice and a basis for evaluation and improvement (Education Scotland), this can be supported through the use of AIFL. With the curriculum outlining the importance of personalisation, feedback and pupil voice, it is important to investigate ways in which pupil voice can be successfully collected, presented and utilised to develop the pupils learning experience. As such, a number of strategies have been employed by teachers to assist pupils in understanding their learning and leading their next steps. This enquiry will investigate the impact an exit pass can have on one primary school class.


The aim of this enquiry is to determine if providing a primary school class with the prospect to feedback on a lesson would impact future teaching and learning.


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