Alix Heath

Primary Teacher

Abronhill Primary

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

Providing Audio Feedback in the Digital Learning Environment


Assessment for learning is a key element of Curriculum for Excellence and it enables learners to maximise their potential and develop across the four capacities (The Scottish Government, 2011).  Formative feedback opens up dialogue with pupils on their targets and is essential in monitoring pupils’ progress.  Panhoon and Wongwanich (2014) agree and claim that feedback is the most powerful influence on learning.  When writing, formative feedback is an important factor that can help improve the quality of writing and as a means of support for pupils (Listyani, 2021).  Formative feedback can be through both verbal or written feedback in the classroom and can be adapted to different age ranges.  Kerr (2017) explains that pupils perceive verbal feedback as a form of focused conversation that are directed by personal and task goals. Such conversations can provide clarity, support and develop pupils’ understanding of their targets.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, having to deliver virtual teaching on Microsoft Teams can be a barrier to providing individualised verbal feedback.  It results in pupils not being able to receive clarity on their feedback which can prevent them from meeting their targets going forward.  As I have a Primary 2/3 class with some pupils being non-readers or struggle with reading, they may struggle to read their feedback independently after completing tasks.  Vygotsky’s zone of proximal development highlights the importance of scaffolding and interaction with a teacher to promote independence in children (Daniels, 1996).  Becoming more independent will boost pupils’ self-esteem and result in them becoming ‘confident individuals’.  Therefore, providing accessible audio feedback in the digital learning environment is essential in meeting pupils’ needs and engaging them in their learning.


The aims of the study were as of follows:

  • How did the pupils act upon the audio feedback?
  • What impact does audio feedback have on pupil progress and confidence?
  • What are pupils’ responses to audio feedback?
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