Alyssa Hattie

Primary Teacher

Cleland Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

The Use of Traffic Lights to Help Children Identify Success


There has been multiple research conducted that suggests enhancing formative assessment within the classroom has a significant impact on student learning. Assessment is an integral part of teaching and allows teachers to tailor their teaching to meet the needs of their learners (Bartlett, 2015). Education Scotland’s (2005) Assessment is for Learning (AifL) framework further highlights the importance of assessment in the classroom.

Formative assessment is a process which involves working with students so that learners know where they are in their learning, where they need to be, and how they are going to get there. A way of implementing this within the classroom is through the use of self-assessment. This allows teachers to identify individual needs, as well providing appropriate support and challenge (William, 2016).

I was keen to find a way to encourage the children to work more independently and take ownership of their learning, whilst having the ability to reflect on their learning upon completion of the task. I therefore decided to base my practitioner enquiry on this by implementing a clear set of targets before each lesson that the children were to follow, and have the children assess how they achieved these targets through a traffic light system.


The aim of my practitioner enquiry was to implement a traffic light system as a means of self-assessment to allow children to identify their success in literacy tasks by following a set of core targets. I also aimed for the children to be more independent learners and take more ownership and pride in their work.

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