Amber Quammie

Primary Teacher

Orchard Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

To what extent does the implementation of a daily challenge increase online engagement?


Online learning and teaching has become a regular practice throughout this year. The remote learning guidance for Scotland explained that “learning should still be motivating, meaningful and enjoyable” as well as being suited to support the needs of all children (Education Scotland, 2021). This supports Curriculum for Excellence which focusses solely on the learner in order to provide opportunities to allow children and young people to develop their skills in ways that are appropriate for them (Scottish Government, 2009).  

Whilst considering the different routes I could take for this enquiry, I wanted to ensure that it would benefit the pupils in my class. I understood the difficulties that children faced during remote learning and, therefore, I wanted to make learning fun for my pupils and allow them to engage in things that interest them. “Facilitation is a factor that can directly affect learners’ engagement, achievement and retention in online learning environments. How the facilitator treats the learners can change the way learners comprehend the learning environment and act correspondingly” (Oncu, S., 2007). I ensured that the daily challenges were well suited for all circumstances and that children would not need lots of different materials.   


The aim of this enquiry was to evaluate the effectiveness of presenting daily challenges as part of online learning and to gauge the impact on engagement. I aimed to encourage engagement by focusing on children’s qualities and abilities.  

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