Amy Cassidy

Primary Teacher

St. Brigid's Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When a Check List is Used to Self-assess Learning in the Classroom Environment?


In order for practitioners to best serve the learning of the pupils within their class it is vital that their personal and professional development is subject to continuous evolution. This can be achieved through undertaking practitioner enquiry (Forde et al, 2006). The Scottish Government emphasise the requirements for enquiry within a key document from the General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS, 2012). The document recognises that teachers are entering a life-long profession of learning. The Standards for Registration states that teachers must: “Have knowledge and understanding of the importance of research and engagement in professional enquiry” (Pg, 12). Baumfield et al, (2013) further supports these findings as he recognises that enquiry encourages practitioners to be critical with their existing knowledge.

Educational Professionals such as Hattie (2012) recognise the impact of high-quality feedback on pupil’s learning, identifying that self-assessment can contribute towards pupil self-esteem and motivation. I was keen to investigate whether introducing checklists would promote effective and accurate self-evaluation skills to enhance high-quality feedback. Working alongside a group of colleagues the decision was made to further enhance and support self-assessment within our practice, we agreed to gather similar evidence across a 4-week period. The research collected came from a total of 7 researchers, across the primary and secondary sectors. This resulted in a varied sample size which would better inform our future practice in supporting pupils in self-assessment.


The aim of this enquiry was to determine what happens when a check list is used to self-assess learning in the classroom environment, whilst also assessing children’s knowledge of self-assessment and if it supports their identification and implementation of next steps.

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