Amy Hunter

Primary Teacher

Keir Hardie Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Do live calls motivate pupils to engage in remote learning?


The basis for this enquiry was formed on the recent advancement of digital learning which has quickly became the ‘new norm’ in the current climate, making it a pivotal role for teachers to support children during this time. Enhancing learning and teaching through digital technology has been a focus in education in recent years (Education Scotland, 2016), however the current circumstances have accelerated this and demonstrated the importance of high-quality digital awareness in schools to support the remote learning period. 

This enquiry focuses on levels of engagement during the online learning period and how live calls could be a contributing factor in increasing this. A common problem that schools identified during the first online learning period, were low levels of engagement. Therefore, the enquiry tackled a current national issue in education and trialled out a solution to validate its impact. 

The inclusion of pupil voice was particularly important to the enquiry, therefore pupils were asked to reflect on their preferred teaching methods and forms of communication. Findings revealed that most pupils preferred live calls. This allowed a reliable and wide pool of responses to be collected from pupils involved in the study. 


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate the impact that live calls had on pupil engagement with remote learning. Live calls were carried out once a week and consisted of a variety of activities from wellbeing check ins to live lessons. This enquiry aims to report an increased engagement with online learning after the implementation of live calls into the weekly online timetable. 

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