Amy Kirkland

Primary Teacher

St. Barbara's Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when exit passes are used in the class?


When narrowing down the enquiry to research a key area, I was keen to investigate whether exit passes could aid in the development of effective and accurate self-evaluation skills. Having conducted a practitioner enquiry during my university career, I was aware that the process had to be systematic with a clear rationale that could be defended and supported by evidence (Mentor et al, 2011). Working alongside my group, we agreed to gather specific evidence that could then be compared and contrasted across a variety of stages and ability level. The collated evidence could then allow for shared transformative critical reflection and the improvement of learning experiences for the children in our care. This ideology is supported by Donaldson (2011) who argues that practitioner enquiry is ‘the way forward’ in improving both teacher learning and pupil experiences by utilising evidenced-based research (GTCS, 2018).


The aim of this enquiry was to explore the use of exit passes (appendix One) and their effect on children’s learning in the classroom environment.

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