Amy McMaster

Art & Design

St Aidan's High

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Using the Kahoot! Platform to encourage pupil engagement during the period of online learning


At a time where education is leaning more towards technology and digital learning, it is important to broaden the range of interactive activities that can be used at home to keep pupils engaged. Kahoot! Offers an online quiz platform which can be used as a way of retrieval learning, linking to the lesson ahead, or a starter lesson, with a rewards points focus. Guidance from Scottish Government in 2020 on ‘What’s working well in remote education’ state that providing various tasks that build in rewards or make learning more ‘game-like’ can improve pupils engagement. In addition to this, “Initial Stimulus Material (ISM)” (Fletcher-Wood, 2017) can be said to support pupil engagement when linked to new learning. Studies reported by (Wang, 2020) state that classes using Kahoot! often saw “increased attendance, student participation, engagement, motivation, as well as interaction between students and teachers and students and peers.” The use of online resources is supported in St Aidan’s School Improvement Plan 2020-21, with aims to ‘Improve the effectiveness of digital learning for staff and pupils across the school’ by ‘developing skills in use of Collaborative Learning spaces within Digital Media’. This is reiterated by the Parent Council as a recent survey suggest parents feel it is important to include more interactive online lessons to engage and motivate young people. Professional dialogue with colleagues of varying departments and schools had shown the lack of online engagement to be one of their biggest concerns amongst home learning. This is echoed by the Scottish Government guidance document in 2020 on ‘What’s working well in remote education’ who state “It’s harder to engage and motivate pupils remotely than when they are in the classroom. There are more distractions, and as a teacher you’re not physically present to manage the situation.” This enquiry will therefore focus on the online engagement of young people and track their progress in completion of tasks.


The aim of this enquiry is to determine if engagement levels rise for pupils online learning over the course of 4 weeks during a national lockdown with integration of online Kahoot quizzes.

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