Amy Thompson

Primary Teacher

Calderbank Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens in the Classroom When Traffic Lights are Used as a Self-Assessment Tool?


Education Scotland (2005) state that Assessment is For Learning (AiFL) is beneficial for improving children’s learning and life chances, which is highly important. Assessment can also strengthen teacher judgement as Wiliam (2011) highlights that formative assessment may not necessarily cause a teacher to modify their practice, but may more simply enable a teacher to confirm that their practice has been successful. When engaging in self-assessment, pupils are given more agency, and being able to assess their own work can allow them to identify next steps in their learning (Harris & Brown, 2018). Self-assessment can allow pupils to reflect on their own learning. It can also allow teachers to assess pupils’ understanding. AiFL through self-assessment is an important tool for the primary classroom, and is therefore a relevant strategy to embed in practice.


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate the impact of introducing traffic lights in my classroom as a self-assessment tool.

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