Annemarie McCulloch

Primary Teacher

Holytown Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Do live calls motivate pupils to engage in remote learning?


Following 2 lengthy periods of remote learning as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic between 2020-2021, the significance of pupil engagement has made its way to the forefront of educational priorities. As a result, this enquiry, conducted by five probationary teachers in NLC, will investigate the extent to which, if any, live calls motivate pupil engagement in remote learning. 

Beginning probationary year at the end of ‘Lockdown 1’ the group discussed how teaching and learning has had to be adapted to suit the many new policies and procedures put in place by the Scottish Government. One main issue raised was that teachers had only approximately four months of face-to-face teaching with pupils before having to move classrooms online and begin teaching remotely – something completely new to probationer teachers. Novak and Anderson (2021) raised concerns from previous remote learning that ‘when schools shut down and kids stayed home, many students struggled to stay engaged’. Considering this and after discussing concerns of engagement, as a group it was greed that the motivation to engage pupils should be the focus of this practitioner enquiry.  

After discussions, it was agreed that such focus would be on live calls and the impact they have on pupils’ motivation to engage in remote learning. For many schools, these were new additions to the remote learning they had been offering previously and therefore seemed like a positive addition. 

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) states that engaging in a professional enquiry is about ‘promoting a process-led, capacity building, enquiring approach to professional learning and school development.’ (General Teaching Council for Scotland, 2021). Through investigating the impact of live calls on pupils’ motivation to engage, the group aim to achieve this and hope that the findings will help practitioners offer valuable and engaging remote learning experiences to their pupils in the future. By addressing a main concern of remote learning within the practitioner enquiry, the hope is to improve the issue and then evaluate the outcome for the benefit of the groups’ professional learning as well as each school’s development in this now prevalent area of learning and teaching. 


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate whether live calls motivate children to engage in remote learning experiences. As teachers were offering many different forms of teaching and contact; learning grids, PowerPoints, assignments, open chats etc. This enquiry set out to look at the impact that having a teacher, in person, on a live call had on the number of pupils logging on and engaging in the lessons.  

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