Anthony Paton

Technological Education

St Andrew's High

  • Digital Learning: Methodologies

Can Microsoft Forms be used as a tool for feedback?


Online learning has changed how learning and teaching is being delivered, with many learners working remotely from home, it is important that previously identified priorities are not lost. Formative assessment through feedback has been identified as essential in raising attainment of children in Scotland. As stated by the Scottish government in Building the Curriculum 5 “ Learners need timely, accurate feedback about what they have learned and about how well and how much they have learned” (Scottish Government, 2011). As online learning has progressed, learners have taken responsibility for their own learning, allowing them to complete class work set for them at a time they decide with a submission date being set for each task. This can create an issue for class teachers as they may not be available to provide instant feedback when each learner submits their completed work resulting in delayed feedback being provided. This enquiry will explore the effectiveness of online tools to provide immediate feedback to learners versus delayed feedback from the class teacher and any impact this may have.


The aim of this enquiry was to evaluate the impact on learners of immediate feedback versus delayed feedback during a period of online learning.

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