Antonia Robb

Primary Teacher

Cathedral Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

The Effect of Instant Verbal Feedback on Pupil Learning


In 2010, the Scottish Government introduced a new educational curriculum ‘Curriculum for Excellence’, which replaced the previous 5-18 curriculum. An emphasis was placed upon interdisciplinary learning, skills developing and encouraging personal development. A key driver was to tackle the ‘Scottish Attainment Challenge’, achieving equity in educational outcomes and a focus on closing the poverty related attainment gap. The Scottish Government (2005) states ‘learners learn best, and attainment improves, when learners are given feedback about the quality of their work, and what they can do to make it better’. I want to investigate whether one or the other is more effective on learner’s attainment and any themes which may be apparent.

Assessment is For Learning has been described by John Hattie as making learning ‘more visible’ as it helps learners understand what excellence looks like and how they can develop their own work to reach their learning goals. Hattie (2011) researched the effectiveness of 150 factors on educational effectiveness and found that feedback ranked 10th in providing significant improvement in learner outcomes. My enquiry will be focussed on the effects of instant, verbal feedback.


The aim of this enquiry was to examine what impact instant live feedback had on learning and teaching.

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