Ashleigh Addies

Primary Teacher

Allanton Primary

  • Health & Wellbeing

Relaxation Strategies and Their Impact on Focus Within the Classroom


Along with literacy and numeracy, health and wellbeing is one of the three core areas that are the responsibility of all staff in the school. All adults who work in Scotland’s schools have a responsibility to support and develop the mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing of pupils, as part of what is referred to as ‘Responsibility of All’. (Mental Health Strategy 2017) To support this responsibility, Education Scotland provides training and professional development, as well as promoting good practice on positive relationship and behaviour approaches. From the outset of this enquiry, it was apparent that the subject group felt very passionately about supporting the mental health of the children in their classes. Improving a childs ability to relax, unwind and manage their mental health early in their life provides them with skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives. Young people who know why it is important to pay attention to and relax their bodies are more likely to be motivated to do this over their life time and sustain this practice. ( Developing Minds 2019). Teaching children these relaxation techniques in schools is likely to benefit them, their peers and ultimately help to end the stigma surrounding mental health.


Through this practitioner enquiry the aim is to establish if carrying out relaxation activities in the classroom impacts on the focus, attainment and achievement of the pupils in the subject class. By implementing these techniques throughout the day, particularly when the children need to refocus their energy, I wish to establish if they then return to their classwork refreshed and ready to learn.

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