Ashleigh Lamont

Primary Teacher

Eastfield Primary

  • Growth Mindset

What Happens When Mistakes are Celebrated in the Classroom?


It has been highlighted by Dweck (2008) that learners who endure ‘growth mindset’, could learn anything they set their mind to. To define growth mindset, is understanding that failures in learning can lead to success, both academically and skilfully. However, as these failures occur, some learners can feel an emotion of shame or embarrassment, which impacts on their likelihood to try again. In terms of my own experience, situations like this have caused some distressing moments during lessons, in which some children have become withdrawn and this ultimately has impacted on their ability to achieve an overall learning intention. Thus, this enquiry has been purposely selected to consider the impact of celebrating mistakes in my classroom, with the aim to boost morale in the class to encourage children to make attempts in their learning, without the fear of making a mistake.


The aim of this enquiry was to use a planned and structured approach to measure the impact of celebrating mistakes during learning, within a Primary 6 class.

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