Ashley Brunger

Primary Teacher

Tolbrae Primary School

  • Growth Mindset

What happens when interim checks are introduced during learning?


I chose to research interim checks because I was looking for ways to support pupils who often lose focus and concentration. The impact of this is that they often do not produce written work of their highest standard, forget their core targets, and lose focus part of the way through their writing. One of the priorities in our School Improvement Plan is to improve attainment in Literacy by planning appropriate support and intervention. Dweck (1999), argues that key influences on success are mindset and self-motivation, and so I hoped to find a support strategy which would allow pupils to self-evaluate. I was interested to research whether giving pupils this opportunity mid-lesson would support them in their learning. The school is also looking at the research of John Hattie whose research suggests that giving students the ability to self-evaluate has a great impact on their learning (Hattie, 2009, 2012).


The aim of this enquiry was to explore and evaluate:

  1. How do interim checks influence the standard of literacy work?
  2. How do interim checks influence pupils’ focus and concentration?
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