Ashley Davis

Primary Teacher

Stane Primary

  • Digital Learning: Methodologies

What happens when I use Microsoft Forms to assess learning in Numeracy?


As remote learning continues across Scotland, pupil attainment remains a focus. Assessment is an integral part of the Curriculum for Excellence, informing planning for improvements in learning (Scottish Government, 2011). To secure distinct evidence of pupil understanding within an online setting, I considered effective formative assessment strategies (Cowie & Bell, 1999). Planned formative assessment offers a continued measure of pupil growth, essential to progressive teaching. Microsoft Forms facilitates the creation and implementation of custom-made assignments, allowing teachers to gather and track pupil responses. Thus, I felt it would be valuable to explore Microsoft Forms as a means of formulating next steps, in anticipation of increased pupil attainment.

Hattie and Clarke (2019) maintain that evidence-informed teaching is most influential when paired with feedback. The provision of focused feedback is central to informing pupils of their successes, as well as identifying specific areas for improvement. As remote learning continued, direct interaction with individual learners was restricted. To deliver constructive performance and improvement related feedback to my pupils, I looked to introduce an alternative method of communication, suitable within a remote setting. Online written feedback facilitates direct communication, offering pupils the opportunity to recognise and evaluate their progress. Vygotsky’s Zone of proximal development supports constructive written teacher feedback. By exercising their role as a more knowledgeable other, teachers can refine a pupil’s understanding of the intended success criteria (McLean, 2003). The effectiveness of written feedback, however, is determined by a learner’s ability to actively engage with the information provided (Nash et al, 2017). As a result, I looked to explore the extent to which pupil engagement is influenced by personalised written feedback, and the consequent effects on pupil attainment.


This enquiry aims to evaluate the impact of Microsoft Forms on informing planning in Numeracy. This study will focus on the effect of written feedback on pupil engagement, thus increasing attainment in Numeracy.

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