Ayeisha Moore

Primary Teacher

Clarkston Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

Modelling Success Criteria in the Classroom


The statement of this professional enquiry was chosen by both primary and secondary probationer teachers. All parties agreed they were interested in pupil creativity vs a stimulus when aiming to achieve the success criteria. As a group, discussions lead to pupil creativity when given a task. Therefore, the group thought it would be beneficial to assess pupil’s creativity vs a stimulus in different of areas across the curriculum. The findings gathered will be gathered and analysed further in a group discussion.

The importance of producing a learning intention and success criteria is extremely important for pupil engagement and success (Hattie, 2015). In doing so this helps give pupils and teachers a successful outcome. In addition, Williams, (2011) expresses the importance of sharing the success criteria and learning intention with pupils as they grow in confidence helping them share their own ideas.

In essence of this professional enquiry it is important to ensure professional development is occurring and progressing. Accordingly, the professional actions that are expected for ‘The Standard of Full Registration’ states that registered teachers have to ensure they meet ‘Standard for Registration 2.1.2- Have knowledge and understanding of the relevant area(s) of pre-school, primary or secondary curriculum’ (GTCS, 2012):

  • “know how to use, design and adapt materials for teaching and learning which stimulate, support and challenge all learners”
  • “know how to work collaboratively with colleagues to facilitate interdisciplinary learning”


The aim of this enquiry was to understand the impact on creativity when displaying success criteria in the classroom.

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