Ben Clark

Primary Teacher

Ravenswood Primary

  • Growth Mindset

What happens when I use positive reinforcement in the classroom?


Positive praise can have a great effect on the children within a classroom setting and this enquiry worked to find out the exact effect. Creating a positive and nurturing atmosphere in the class is vital for engaging the children and to encourage them to always try their best (Conroy et al, 2009). Positive interactions in the class are key to building the classroom ethos that promotes learning. A study conducted by Partin et al (2010) highlighted the use of positive praise in primary schools. The study found that on 2 occasions, inappropriate behaviour decreased and there was an increase in appropriate behaviour when positive praise was utilised. Positive praise can be provided in many different ways such as comments in marking and verbally.


The aim of the enquiry was to investigate the effect of positive praise on a group of children within a class. This group would be extensively praised and the effects would be recorded using different methods of data collection.

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