Benjamin Ng

Biology with Science

Chryston High

  • Digital Learning: Formative Assessment

What happens when verbal feedback is used to facilitate online learning?

Verbal feedback is a common tool utilized in classrooms on a day to day basis. To give verbal feedback not only aids learners with understanding their strengths and weaknesses but helps with showing the next steps of progression. Learners are more reserved with written feedback but have been shown to be more willing to discuss next steps when approached verbally. (Kerr K, 2017) By speaking to learners about progression positive relationships within the class can be developed which has a larger impact within the class environment. Learner satisfaction in the class is greatly enhanced with verbal feedback no matter what ability level they are. (Burnett P.C, 2002)

With the shift to online learning the opportunities to give verbal feedback have been severely limited. The Scottish Government has been slowly shifting towards the usage of digital technology to enhance teaching which has made the shift to online learning easier. This movement not only improves the learning experience but aids with teacher’s workload when using online assignments that allow for automated marking and feedback. (Scottish Government, 2016) Feedback produced through this method is however in text form for learners to read.


For this enquiry the aims were:
1. To find out what effect verbal feedback had on learner’s engagement rates and performance in online assignments
2. To assess any other benefits of verbal feedback with focus on learner’s wellbeing

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