Benjamin Quate


Caldervale High

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

What is the effect of games-based learning on pupil engagement?


Throughout this year, especially during online learning, I have noticed that pupils actively engage more when asked to complete tasks that are games based compared to regular tasks and exercises in class. A recent study from (Perrotta, Featherstone, Aston and Houghton, 2013) on games-based learning showed that “The majority of the studies examining the impact of video games on student motivation and engagement found positive results”. This study resulted in us, as a group, deciding to study the effect games-based learning could have on pupil engagement. We wanted to see if games-based learning had a positive impact on teaching and learning. We also wanted to see for ourselves if those findings from this study would still be accurate during online learning. Additionally, as the world evolves and becomes digital, using technology within education could be a desired strategy to improve learning. (Gros, 2007).


The purpose of this practitioner enquiry was to discover if a games-based learning approach could have a positive effect on pupil engagement. The aim was to hopefully see pupils engage more with games-based learning as opposed to traditional types of learning during online learning.

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