Bethany McDowall


St. Aidan's High

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When Exit Passes are Used as a Self-Assessment Tool?


The group discussed individual experiences and obstacles in the classroom and collectively established that self-evaluation was an area that could be improved. Due to the flexibility and ease of exit passes across the different sectors and subjects, it was decided this would be the strategy used to motivate pupils to assess their own learning. Assessment plays an essential role in curriculum for excellence and formative assessment is a process which allows teachers and learners to reflect on their learning and adapt in order to improve attainment (Black and William, 1998). Black and William believed in the importance of asking questions in the classroom and promoting self-reflection. They believed that exit pass questions should not only provide evidence of the extent of a pupils’ learning but allow the opportunity for the teacher to reflect and act on this: deciding what to do next (William, 2011). Fletcher-Wood (2016) believes that the consistent assessment of pupil understanding can be extremely powerful when used to inform planning. He believes that exit passes help to answer the most important question from a lesson: what did the pupils learn?


This enquiry aims to explore and evaluate what happens when exit passes are used as a self-assessment tool.

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