Caitlin McGlynn


Caldervale High

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When I Use Plenaries in my Classroom?


For my professional practitioner enquiry, I choose to focus on the use of plenaries in the classroom for numerous reasons. Primarily, I choose this aspect of learning and teaching as it is an area that I personally could spend more time on at the end of my lessons. Within Scottish Educational policy, within ‘Building the Curriculum 5’ (2011) , it highlights that within the BGE the class teacher has the responsibility to assess pupils’ knowledge and understanding, skills, attributes and capabilities in relation to the experiences and outcomes across the curriculum . Although plenaries are already established and practiced within my classroom routine, I feel that I needed to provide my learners with more of a variety of different plenaries than those they already engaged with. I also wanted to give pupils more time to assess their learning when engaging with the plenary in class. Another reason why I focussed on this theme was to highlight to my pupils the progress that they can make within one lesson. Those such as Gipps, Hargreaves and McCallum (2015) stress that a plenary facilitates discussion which permits the teacher to quickly assess the pupils’ understanding of the learning intentions and identify areas where further clarification is needed. Thus, especially with my first-year pupils, I wanted to further challenge them to become more reflective learners and allow them to think about what they had learned in each class and more importantly, how they had achieved this.


The aim of this enquiry was to use more of a variety of plenaries within my classroom and to also help my pupils become more reflective towards their own learning and progression within one lesson.

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