Caitlin Milton


St Maurice's High

  • Behaviour Management

How Does Using Class Dojo Affect Pupil Behaviour In Broad General Education Classes?


My decision to conduct this enquiry stemmed from my own teaching practice during my probationary year and the problems I had with managing behaviour with certain classes. Similarly, through regular consultation of the GTCS’s Standards for Registration, this investigation was an ideal opportunity to begin working towards two of the outlined standards:

“Have knowledge and understanding of the importance of research and engagement in professional enquiry” (GTCS, 2012, 2.3.2) and “Develop positive relationships and positive behaviour strategies” (GTCS, 2012, 3.2.2)

Furthermore, after specific research into positive behaviour strategies, TES recognise reward systems as one of the most effective ways of establishing a positive classroom environment as they “promote good behaviour and incentivise students” (TES, 2017). After considering a range of possible tools to encourage positive behaviour through rewards and sanctions, Class Dojo was selected due to the website priding itself on improving behaviour in the classroom. The gamification style of the website tool teaches “development skills through real-time feedback” (Class Dojo, 2018) which is something that would fit into the nature of my S1 class.


The aim of this enquiry is to investigate whether implementing ‘Class Dojo’ will have an effect on pupil behaviour in Broad General Education (BGE) classes.

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