Caitlin Tyrell

Primary Teacher

St. Bernadette's Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Impact, if any, do Exit Passes Have on Informing Learners’ Next Steps?


As a practicing teacher and reflective practitioner it is crucial to constantly reflect on practice and make use of literature to enhance teaching and learning. The purpose of this enquiry was to focus on self-assessment techniques in order to improve learning and teaching for children. Assessment is essential for learning as it allows teachers and professionals to measure and record what pupils know and formulate next steps for learning and teaching. Formative assessment can take the form of many activities and can allow teachers to provide feedback to make changes and improve on children’s learning and engagement. Assessment is for learning (AiFL) is a process where learning is reflected on and feedback is provided to encourage a young person to improve on learning and teaching (Marzano, 2012). A Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) and Assessment is For Learning (AiFL) principles are intertwined and are crucial to developing effective teaching and learning. Throughout my probation year, I have implemented formative and summative assessment methods in the form of self, peer and teacher assessment. This encourages pupils to be successful learners and developing independence for all learners. The Scottish Government have emphasised the importance of pupils’ self-reflection on their learning (Building the Curriculum 3, 2008). With this in mind and the variety of needs within our classes, our group decided to implement exit slips for pupils to design their own next steps for learning. Exit slips help students to reflect and summarise their learning and also provide the opportunity for students’ to create their own next steps.


The aim of this enquiry was to provide the opportunity for children to engage in formative assessment using exit slips. The children were asked to review the lesson and what they enjoyed and also form their own next steps. The exit slips were in the form of a social media ‘tweet’ to make the exit slips relevant and interesting.

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