Calum Gibson

Physical Education

Coatbridge High

  • Assessment For Learning

What happens when reflective learning logs are introduced into the classroom?


Self-reflection is a key tool which educators can utilize to gain an insight into learner engagement, academic progress and measuring the level of understanding. Hattie conducted a meta-study of more than 80 million pupils, comparing the effects of numerous variables on student achievement, and found feedback to be one of the most effective. Therefore, it seemed appropriate to research how student’s feedback on lessons could affect future pedagogy.

Consequently, the enquiry group decided to employ learning logs as a means to check for understanding at the end of each lesson before progressing onto a new intention. By taking on board the student’s responses, practice could hopefully be evaluated in order to maximise achievement (Hattie, 2009). The aim of the learning logs was to give an insight as to what pupils learned over a lesson and their personal perspective on how they learned it. Hopefully the learning logs would also ascertain the standard of feedback that learners were capable of giving and deduce whether or not it was substantial enough to inform next steps and make definitive conclusions at the end of the research.


The aim of this enquiry is to investigate what impact the use of learning logs has on a student’s learning and overall motivation in Physical Education.

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