Cameron Quinn

Primary Teacher

Aitkenhead Primary

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

What is the impact on pupil participation and involvement in live lessons when using the interactive features on Microsoft Teams?


Formative assessment has been promoted within the Curriculum for Excellence and is used in the classroom to increase engagement and understanding for learners (Scottish Government, 2011). However, the shift to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, has meant that teachers have had to adapt the delivery of formative assessment to ensuring that the learners are still provided with high-quality feedback. The benefits of formative assessment are significant to learning (Boston, 2002) so it is important to bring the level of formative assessment set in the classroom, into the online setting. Assessment and feedback are hugely beneficial to learners and is shown to have a positive impact on progression while being cost effective (Education Endowment Foundation).  

Remote learning provides both pupils and teachers with several challenges that if not addressed may be damaging to learners’ progress. Furthermore, teachers may be concerned that they do not know if learners understand and access learning activities. Therefore, an approach to remote learning that employs consistent formative assessment during lessons will ensure better outcomes for pupils.  

One of the Scottish government’s main priorities during the initial Lockdown of schools in March 2020 was to ensure the continuation of learning online (Scottish Government, 2020). This has continued to be the case with the country entering a second national lockdown in January 2021. The transition to remote learning has greatly influenced the focus of this this enquiry, which explores good practice during remote learning and how best to support the needs of pupils online.  


The aim of the enquiry is to determine if using the interactive features available through Microsoft Teams to provide pupils with feedback can increase participation and engagement during online lessons as well as improve the quality of work that is submitted. This enquiry specifically explored the use of the chat function during live lessons for this purpose.  

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