Cara Broadley

Primary Teacher

St. Marys Primary Cumbernauld

  • Assessment For Learning

Using an Exit Pass as a Self-assessment Protocol in the Classroom


The Curriculum for Excellence affirms the relevance of formative assessment in Scotland’s classrooms. Assessment highlights pupil progress and aids in identifying next steps in learning (Curriculum for Excellence, 2011). Self-assessment is a vital aspect of formative assessment, and assessment is necessary in order to raise standards of achievement in education (Black and William, 1998). By using self-assessment, you are providing pupils with a voice and the opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning. As a result, pupils learn to evaluate and set their own personal learning goals. By allowing pupils this sense of autonomy for their learning, they are free to think, question and reflect (Brooks and Brooks, 1999). This can only be beneficial in order to improve learning outcomes for pupils.


The aim of this enquiry was to evaluate the impact of using an exit pass as self-assessment protocol in the classroom. The primary focus for this enquiry was the impact exit passes had on learning in the classroom environment. In order to explore the statement, this enquiry will focus on both pupil and teacher experience.

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