Carina Watt

Primary Teacher

St. Augustine’s Primary School

  • More Knowledgeable Others

What happens when you use “more knowledgeable others” in pairs?


 Through professional reading and discussion, the group recognised that theory identified Co-operative Learning strategies as an area which could improve children’s ability to participate effectively. It was decided that the group would use the ‘More Knowledgeable Other’ with the Think, Pair, Share strategy as a focus, as all members of the group already implemented this in their classrooms. McAlister (2012) highlights that co-operative learning strategies support individuals to develop the four capacities for Curriculum for Excellence.

Prince(2004) states that co-operative learning has many benefits and help to develop different social skills, stating that students have a common end goal but they are all assessed individually. Prince also explains that co-operative learning promotes interpersonal relationships, improves social skills and fosters self-esteem within children.


The aim of this enquiry was to examine the impact of using “More Knowledgeable Others” as part of co-operative groups, on ability of pupils to participate in class and quality of ideas produced.

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