Carleen Friel


St Ambrose High

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

Does Microsoft Forms help to formatively assess pupils understanding?


Sing (2017) states that the plenary is used in class as a link between prior learning and what has to come. It allows the teacher to formatively assess that learning has occurred in a specific lesson. This then gives the teacher a strong understanding of where each pupil is in the class, how they are understanding the lesson and next steps for future learning.

Ozan and Kincal (2017) state that ‘Formative assessments inform teachers about whether the students have learned and they have an indicator qualification for how the teachers should plan their next lessons’. They believe that formative assessment allows teachers to understand where pupils are in their learning thus can effectively alter and differentiate future lessons accordingly depending on the results of the plenary.

Black and William (1998) support the ideology that formative assessment is an essential component of classroom work and can contribute to raising student achievement.
The role of the teacher is to be active in communicating effectively with learners and have ‘secure knowledge and detailed understanding of learning theories’. Therefore the teacher must continuously develop and adapt resources to meet the needs of every child in their classroom. The plenary is a form of communication between learner and teacher to determine where the learner is and what the teacher can do (planning, teaching, learning) to further this.

These findings indicate that plenaries (exit pass) as a method of formative assessment is extremely beneficial to both teacher and learner. This assessment for learning (AFL) is one that is said to be twice as likely to be carried out by ‘better’ teachers in ‘better’ schools Sing (2017).

The practitioner group decided to acknowledge these findings by using Microsoft forms as a ‘digital exit pass’ within class teams. The practitioner group sought to determine the effectiveness of Microsoft Forms to formatively assess pupils’ understanding. This enquiry will examine how useful Microsoft Forms is in acting as an exit pass to assess pupils’ understanding of digital lessons.


The aim of this enquiry is to investigate if using Microsoft Forms helps to formatively assess pupils’ understanding. This will be investigated within a secondary English online class team. The pupils will receive a link to complete a form after a double period of learning over the course of four weeks.

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