Catriona Clark

Primary Teacher

Logans Primary

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When Pupils Are Provided With Real Time Formative Feedback?


Formative feedback is a key part of assessing to support learning and as such underpins both CfE and the national priority of raising attainment (Scotland Government, 2011) (Education Scotland, 2016). Dylan Wiliam describes formative feedback as “feedback that moves learning forward” (2011). It can therefore be concluded that providing effective feedback is one of the key ways in which teachers can support pupil progress. However research states that the degree to which learners engage with feedback is the factor which most influences how effective it will be (Wiliam, 2011). Therefore developing a classroom culture of growth mindset and willingness to act upon suggestion for improvement is essential if feedback is to be effective (Dweck, 2015) (Nolen, 2011). Thus, this practitioner enquiry is concerned with the impact on confidence and attainment of providing pupils with real time formative feedback.


The aim of this enquiry is to investigate whether giving real-time formative feedback during lessons improves pupil confidence and pupil’s ability to meet specified success criteria. This was further narrowed to the following age, stage and subject specific questions for my specific context. Firstly, does giving real-time formative feedback improve confidence in generating writing? Secondly, does giving real-time formative feedback improve a pupil’s ability to meet technical targets for writing?

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