Catya Telfer

Business Education

Calderhead High

  • Digital Learning: Pupil Engagement

What impact does shortening task length have on the level of pupil engagement during remote learning?


The use of digital platforms such as Microsoft Teams has been a predominant resource at the forefront of much of my teaching throughout this year, with a particular focus on remote learning. It is therefore crucial to reflect on my practice and make use of educational literature to enhance teaching and learning. Through professional discussion with my group members and engaging with research, it is imperative that we adapt to the “new normal” that is remote learning as a teaching method in order to enhance our teaching and the learning of our pupils. Research suggests that even if pupils have access to the technological and physical resources needed to access remote learning, they are less likely to engage in tasks if they do not find these meaningful or stimulating (Fredricks et al, 2004). This truism is likely to be particularly relevant for online engagement during a global pandemic. It is therefore pertinent that educators create relevant, interesting and enjoyable opportunities for learners in an attempt to boost student engagement online (Evans, 2020). Remote learning on an interactive platform such as Microsoft Teams has presented the opportunity to provide students with meaningful and purposeful feedback regarding their strengths and areas of development. Students are able to reflect and respond to feedback provided on assignments (Evans, 2020). It is through feedback that we get to know our students, reflect on our own teaching practice to determine if it has been successful and determine the success of our students (Wilson, 2012).


The aim of this enquiry was to investigate whether pupil engagement increased when task length was shortened during remote home learning. The enquiry focused primarily on producing tasks that varied in length and evaluating how pupils engaged with each of the tasks.

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