Chelsea Taylor

Primary Teacher

Townhead Primary

  • Digital Learning: Methodologies

The use of digital platforms, such as Sumdog on learner’s engagement


The topic of this enquiry has been chosen due to the shift from classroom-based learning to remote learning at home. Due to the limited class contact, the study had to be contacted remotely and using online platforms. The correlation between online games and engagement online appealed to our group, as increasing online engagement of pupils is a priority for teachers across Scotland.
An increase in online engagement provides a better opportunity for educators to successfully deliver a high-quality education during the unprecedented circumstances of school closures. Education remained a high priority throughout the time spent learning from home, with Education Scotland (2021) stating that “practitioners should seek to provide a curriculum that is adaptable and responsive to the full range of learners’ needs, reflecting each school community’s specific context”. Through understanding the engagement of the learners at home, practitioners can plan accordingly to the interests of the pupils, as well as taking into considering the accessibility of resources for those at home. It is important to remember that all children may not have had the same access to the online platforms as their peers.

Additionally, the use of technology is becoming a prominent feature in many educational settings and workplaces since the Coronavirus pandemic. It is vital that the pupils are aware of how to use technology to access their schoolwork, as these skills have been essential for progression in learning. Building the Curriculum 4 (2009) states that “all children and young people need to be flexible and adaptable, with the capacity to continue developing the new skills which they will need for the rapidly changing challenges of life, learning and work in the modern world”. As a practitioner, it is vital that I plan learning experiences which involve using a range of skills which are relevant in the modern world, which prepares my pupils for success throughout their education and beyond.


The purpose of this practitioner enquiry was to investigate if there was any correlation between online games and pupil engagement. In particular, focusing on whether or not the use of online games increases pupil engagement during the period of remote learning.

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