Cheryl Findlay


Kilsyth Academy

  • Assessment For Learning

What Happens When ‘Show-Me’ Boards are Used in the Classroom?


Assessment is for Learning (Assessment Reform Group 2002), states that formative assessment during teaching practices is a powerful way to raise standards and improve learning. Numerous research articles have stated that the use of formative assessment will also raise attainment and improves pupil confidence. The Scottish Government (2008) suggested a variety of activities and resources should be used to evaluate knowledge and gain evidence of this.

Bartlett (2015) states that using Show-Me boards as a tool for formative assessment will increase the wait time for answers, reduce the pressure to vocally give answers and improve the quality of answers.

Our group chose to research Show-Me boards as an assessment activity, as to raise attainment you must create an environment where participation is compulsory (Wiliam 2009).


The aim of this investigation was to analyse how effective the use of show-me boards were in the classroom. The impact on confidence, quality of answers and engagement was assessed.

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